When it comes to blush, or using our multi-use Tints, there are a few common questions I get, so I'm breaking them down here.

From left to right: Palm Beach, Hampton, Middleburg, Pandemic Pink, Devon


When it comes to colors, I really don't think you need to follow strict rules. I love to experiment with our Tints. I am pretty fair, and I have worn all 5 colors. Not to mention, they make such great eyeshadows too! But, if you want to follow a general rule of thumb, this is what I suggest:

⭐️For fair skin: try a soft pink, light coral or peach. I recommend our Devon or Palm Beach!

⭐️For medium skin: try a rich pink, warm mauve or deep peach. I recommend our Pandemic Pink!

⭐️For dark skin: try deep fuchsia, berry, warm brown or tangerine. I recommend our Middleburg or Hampton!


I know it may seem frustrating, but there is no right or wrong answer here. That's what I love about our makeup. It ISN'T complicated. With so many beauty bloggers out there, their tips and tricks have made it seem like makeup has to be complicated. It really doesn't!

Our Tints are a creamy, soufflé-like texture. This is intentional! Unlike powder, because of the texture they melt into the skin, so you really can't go wrong with application.

I suggest starting with a small amount of product because you can always add more. Our Tints are super pigmented, so you usually don't even need a lot. A small dab of product will give you that subtle flush or you can add more for a bolder pop.

First, you can warm up the product on the back of your hand. This will help with blending. Then, I like to use my fingers to apply it to my face. I like to be able to be precise with where on my cheekbone I am applying.

Then, with a brush or sponge I blend it out. To blend, work the product into your skin in a upward and outward motion (heading towards your hairline). Blending is key to getting that subtle, naturally flushed look.


Many really overcomplicate this with different recommendations based on face shape. Ultimately, no matter what shape your face is, I recommend applying it over your cheekbones (more towards the middle of your eye), blending it upward and outward toward your hairline.   

Image sourced from StyleCaster

Makeup should be fun, not so complicated that it's intimidating. You can achieve a beautiful, glowy look in a few easy steps. I promise!

EXTRA TIP: Monochromatic looks are super in right now. To achieve this you can use the same Tint color on your eyelids, cheeks and lips!

April 04, 2024 — Chelsea DiPeppe


Katie said:

Thanks for this one! Blush application is something I struggle with lol But I have the “palm beach” tint and love it 😊

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