For most of my life I have struggled with extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. I have combination skin and it seems like every part of my face wants something different. My cheeks are always dry while my nose will melt away any makeup that I put on it.

While I always loved to experiment with makeup, makeup didn't always love me. I could never find something that would last all day, treat the different needs of my skin and not cause breakouts. 

I asked myself, why do face creams and acne solutions come with different steps and treatments, but makeup doesn't? I want to treat my makeup like any skin care routine. Each step should serve a different purpose and benefit my skin in all the ways that it needs.

Everyone's skin is different and has different needs. Hell, each part of your face is different and has different needs. So, why should you be stuck trying to make one product work? Or why should you have to buy all different types of products to make your skin look and feel just right? URGO Beauty's Two-Step Foundation was designed to provide a two-in-one product made for sensitive skin. It gives you the options you need with just two complimenting formulas.

Step 1 is formulated for the parts of your skin that produce a lot of oil throughout the day. This formula is oil-absorbing yet lightweight, so it will keep your skin looking great all day without clogging your pores. It will work with your skin to help minimize shine, not fight against it.

Step 2 is designed for the drier parts of your skin. It is lightweight and moisturizing, yet has build-able coverage to cover any of what you probably call your "imperfections." I want you to embrace all of your skin's wants and needs because they're not imperfections, they are what make you you!

When you buy the URGO Beauty Two-Step Foundation you buy two different products that work together. They are made from the same oil-free foundation base so they can blend seamlessly and beautifully and work with your skin to keep it looking fresh all day. Listen to your skin and help it feel its best.

No more searching for the right products. You're here and I can't wait to see your beautiful face.

- Chelsea