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You're Unique. Your Makeup Should Be Too.

Two-Step Foundation

Customize your foundation to YOUR needs. Use Step 1 on the oily parts of your face. Then, apply Step 2 to the rest of your face and neck. They blend seamlessly and help your makeup stay looking flawless all day!

Not sure what color to order? Head to the ORDER tab and select SAMPLES to try out three different colors of Step 2. Test out how great the URGO Beauty foundation feels on your skin and find your color before purchasing a full-size product.





We are always adding new colors to our collection. 

The Two-Step Foundation is made to work with your skin, not against it. All products are vegan, paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, non-comedogenic and NEVER tested on animals.

Our oil-free formula is a pure mineral foundation infused with botanicals that work throughout the day to make sure your skin stays beautiful and healthy. Made in the USA.