When I started URGO, I set out to create the BEST foundation. I needed it, so I knew others would too. But, as URGO has evolved, I heard the demand for something else. So, I set out to create the ultimate BB Cream.

First, why a BB Cream? 

When I started working on creating our BB Cream, I knew it would be complementary to our foundation, not replacing it. There is a need for both. There is a time and a place where a foundation will beat out any BB or CC Cream, and there are times when a BB Cream is really all you need.

According to Byrdie, most people think BB Cream started as a Korean beauty trend, but in fact it was first developed by Christine Schrammek, MD in Germany "for her patients to use on their skin after harsher treatments like peels and microdermabrasion, which left the skin red and inflamed. Schrammek wanted to offer them something that would blur the imperfections and give a bit of coverage, but most importantly, be kind to the skin. And so BB cream was born."

BB stands for a few different things, but is most commonly referred to as beauty balm. BB Creams are known for packing tons of benefits in one bottle to streamline your beauty routine. Most commonly, BB Creams combine light coverage and hydration in one easy step, but we've taken it a step further to include tons of anti-aging benefits as well.

Most days I actually want to put on makeup because it makes me feel polished and ready to take on the day. I like to use products that I know are benefitting my skin while I wear them, but I am usually in a hurry as I run to make a meeting or head to the barn, so I gravitate towards something that is quick. Because of a BB Cream's light coverage and creamy texture, it is best applied with your hands. It doesn't get much easier than that, does it? I put two pumps on my hands, rub it in real quick and run out the door.

Next, I had to decide what ingredients I would include.

When thinking about what I wanted to formulate and how to make sure it was perfect for the equestrian lifestyle, just like Schrammek, I always want to be kind to the skin. I started with a lightweight, ultra-hydrating base. It contains Vitamins A, C and E and ingredients like Açai, Goji Berry, Bearberry, Prickly Pear Extract and Chamomile (just to name a few) to hydrate, firm and visibly improve the look and feel of the skin.

I also wanted to ensure that I combined a bunch of steps that usually make a makeup routine daunting. Especially for equestrians, I immediately thought about sunscreen. As equestrians, we spend a lot of time outside so we need to keep our skin protected. But, sunscreen and sweating never went well for me. My skin would sting or burn or it would run into my eyes. Ouch!

I also have very fair skin that burns easily, so I've always tried to keep out of the sun as much as I can, but did you know that you need to protect your skin from the sun all year long and even indoors? Let's be real, I am not lathering myself up in sunscreen all winter long, so I needed something that was built into my routine, so into the BB Cream it went!

Next, anti-aging ingredients. I will never forget at age 17 my mom said to me, "It's never too early to start anti-aging creams." She has always encouraged me to take the absolute best care of my skin and prioritize products that keep my skin nourished and elastic. Adding anti-aging ingredients into a lightweight cream was also at her request. I added in an amazing blend of copper peptides to help stimulate collagen and elastin formation, diminish fine lines, firm the skin and improve skin strength.

The last part of the puzzle was coverage. I knew our BB Cream didn't need to provide as much coverage as our Two-Step Foundation, but I hate when BB Creams are just like water. So, I worked to find the balance of it being super light and natural while helping to even out your complexion and provide your skin with a beautiful, natural glow. Additionally, if you ever want to ramp up the coverage a bit, we offer that as an add on!

So why is it named "Best Day" BB Cream? I bet it's not what you think!

If you know me, you know that I am a Swiftie. Always have been. We'll get back to that.

When thinking about naming this product, I knew I wanted to name it something special for my mom. She is not only the one who always encouraged me to take care of my skin, she asked for this product first AND she is the one that really drove me to take the leap into starting URGO in the first place. 
So, when it came to the perfect name, I knew it had to be meaningful to her.

Taylor Swift’s song “Best Day” (about her mom) always holds special meaning for me and my mom. So, it just seemed perfect.

This little cream has really changed the game for URGO and I am so thankful for the love you all have given it. I guess we really have my mom to thank!

July 03, 2023 — Chelsea DiPeppe

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