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Do you really need to wear SPF when it's cold?

Well, we can jump right into it...the answer is YES! Now, I heard this all the time too, but that didn't mean I necessarily listened. It's a common misconception that you only need SPF in the summer, sunny months. I'm here to tell you why that's not true. As equestrians, we're outside all year round, so SPF is a super important part of our daily routine, and yes, even in the fall and winter.

I think it's important to hear WHY to help encourage me to change behavior. Then, I need a solution that fits into my lifestyle, because let's be honest, change can be hard. When I want to make a change I try to figure out how to do it efficiently and effectively because who has time for any more than that? 

Now that I have found something that works for me I want to share it with you! I want to share what I have learned about SPF and how I easily incorporate it into my life EVERY day. Let's get to it!

These are what I found as the 4 most important reasons why SPF should be worn all year long.

#1: UV Rays Still Penetrate Winter Clouds

No matter how overcast it looks, up to 80% of the sun’s rays can still penetrate the clouds. Did you know that? I mean I am someone that can easily get a sunburn on a cloudy day, but I didn't realize exactly how much harm I could still cause my skin when it's not even sunny out.

There are two types of UV rays that affect us, UVA and UVB, one of which is still very dangerous during winter, UVA. UVA is always present and can penetrate clouds and glass, and damages deeper skin layers as opposed to UVB. This means long-term damage, my friend. So, the same way you still wear that adorable sun shirt when riding in the fall, you should be using your SPF.

#2: Sunscreen Slows Skin's Aging Process

Harsh weather is incredibly drying and taxing on skin, so you'll want to be extra conscious to work to prevent dry skin and wrinkles. Do you already feel it this time of year? I know I do! The more time I spend outside at the barn, the more chapped my lips get and my skin gets tight and dry. I have to work extra hard to keep my skin happy and hydrated during the fall and winter. 

We all know that dehydrated skin can more quickly lead to wrinkles, right? So, in addition to needing extra moisturizing products in the colder months, you sunscreen can help! Sunscreen has proven to help slow the skin's aging. Research has shown that sunscreen wearers had 24% less aging than those that did not wear sunscreen. It also helps when it's incorporated in a product packed with other anti-aging ingredients, but we'll get to that.

#3: The Dangers are Even Indoors

Even if you work in an office or are in the barn all day long, you shouldn’t skip sunscreen. Did you know that according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, glass blocks UVB rays well, but not UVA rays. Remember how we talked about UVA rays above and how they damage deep layers of the skin?

Whether you're in a house, barn, car, plane, train, etc, UVA rays can penetrate the glass and impact your skin. You'll want to be sure you're wearing your products with SPF so you're nice and protected.

#4: Our Skin Barrier is More Vulnerable

During the winter months, our skin barrier is more vulnerable to environmental changes. Remember how we already discussed that we work extra hard in the cold weather to help keep our skin hydrated and happy? Your skin is already working harder to stay balanced and healthy, so wearing sunscreen during the day means your skin cells have less damage to try to repair overnight. When you wear SPF, you're helping to protect your skin from premature aging and even skin cancer.

Ok, so now that we've covered 4 big reasons why  we should wear SPF and the research behind it, now comes the tricky part...implementing it. I am someone that spends all day running around. Whether it's from meeting to meeting, getting things done around the house, appointments at the barn, riding, etc, I am pretty much always on the go. You too? So, when I decided it was time to put my big girl pants on and incorporate SPF into my DAILY routine, I knew it was only going to happen if I could do it quickly and easily.

What does that mean to me? Something I could do on the go, with no tools. Yup, no tools! So, I created the Best Day BB Cream with SPF. I started creating this formula because my mom wanted something super lightweight that packed a ton of anti-aging ingredients in. When I perfected the formula I started simply applying it with my hands, just like I do my daily moisturizer. The texture is so silky and it just melts into the skin so you really don't need anything but your hands to apply it.

Pro tip: your hands actually make a FANTASTIC makeup applicator. The warmth of your skin helps melt the makeup into your skin for that stunning "no makeup makeup" look.

Ok, back to the BB Cream...I found myself wearing my BB Cream every day. I would seriously apply it as I was running around the house making my coffee and gathering my things to head to the barn. So, I decided to add some SPF to it. Now, every morning I wash my face, apply toner, moisturizer and then my Best Day BB Cream. I love that I can incorporate it into my every day routine so I know my skin has SPF protection all year long. It is easily to apply and feels absolutely wonderful on my skin. Not to mention, it packs so many anti-aging benefits that make my skin simply glow.

So, barn babe, I know you can do it too! Treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated all year long with our Best Day BB Cream.

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