Hi! I’m Sarah Bachor an adult-amateur equestrian, competing in the adult hunters, equitation and derbies. My unicorns are Ocelot, a 19-year-old warmblood gelding and Enzo, “CheckMeOut” a 5-year-old Hanoverian gelding. My bucket list goals are to one day get to the 3’6 A/O hunters and maybe an international derby with Enzo! In all of my free time I’ll either be found at the gym strength training or at the barn. By “day” I’m a Physician Assistant. I work in academia as the Director of Didactic Education at a local PA Program and practice clinically in the urgent care setting.

Being a working adult amateur is hard enough. Your beauty and skin care routine does not have to follow suit. And horse girls don’t gate keep secrets. Here are my top 5 favorite beauty and skin care products I cannot live without! 

  1. Good Molecules Clarify & Cleanse Bar. Good Molecules’ entire brand is based on simple ingredients with full transparency. Here are the things I love about this product: fragrance-free, cruelty-free, pH balanced and formulated with sensitive skin in mind. The only downfall is that I have to still get a soap dish. Totally worth it though at only $5 a bar! 
  1. URGO Beauty Tint. I have used this product as a cream blush, eye shadow and even lip tint! Multi-purpose much!? Three uses in under $25 a product makes it a non-negotiable in my book. I don’t go anywhere without it - even at the gym and barn. Put some on your cheeks and it just gives your look that added pop! 
  1. Good Molecules Bakuchiol Oil. Good Molecules is definitely part of my go-to trio for skin care and beauty (the trio: URGO Beauty, Good Molecules and SkinCeuticals). This oil helps to hydrate and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and helps with loss of skin elasticity. It leaves your skin dewy and glowing. Best part? They have an option for dry skin and oily skin
  1. SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier. SkinCeuticals is backed by research to be effective, and the price reflects that. I have tried A LOT of hyaluronic acid serums and this one is by far the winner. While it is expensive at $100+ for a 30 mL vial, that single vial lasts around 2-3 months. Now, I totally get this might be way out of your budget, whether that’s because of show bills or vet bills, so, don’t worry, I have a really close second up: Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum! At $12 for a 75 mL bottle and $6 for the 30 mL option it is definitely affordable. It will improve your skin's overall hydration, but is not as potent as the SkinCeuticals alternative. Despite this, it is still better than omitting this type of product from your line up! 
  1. URGO Beauty Best Day BB Cream. My all time favorite BB cream. You can customize it with SPF and/or added coverage. In between shades? Chelsea will custom mix your shade. Its light coverage just adds that dewy glow to your skin while nourishing and protecting with ingredients like vitamins A, C and E. 

Bonus Product! Dr. Schrammek’s Blemish Balm. This product acts as a light concealer while also calming red, angry skin. It heals while it covers, genius! The only downfall is it's a bit pricey at just under $80 a 1.4 oz tube, but if you’re using it to cover problem spots you should get quite a bit of use from a tube that size. 

Well, that’s my top 5 with a bonus option. Let us know what you think! Don’t forget to use the code OXERS10 when you shop with URGO Beauty! 



September 04, 2023 — Chelsea DiPeppe

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