A few months ago, I had such an amazing time working with Cassidy Bock of Cassidy Brooke Photography for a two-part photoshoot. We started with photos in my office and then headed to the barn for photos with my horse, Ego. We later chatted on Cassidy's podcast, The Equine Photography Podcast, and it got me thinking about some tips and tricks that I could share if you're planning a horse and rider photoshoot. There are a few easy steps you can take to ensure that your makeup looks great from start to finish. 

My photoshoot was unique since it was two parts, so it was probably longer than most. I put my makeup on starting at 3 pm and we didn't finish shooting until 8 pm. I did get lucky that it wasn't one of these 95 degree days we've been having, but when the lights and cameras are on you it can still get sweaty. But, I was thrilled with how my makeup turned out in the pictures, and very happy that it still looked great after we were done. So, I wanted to share what I did so you can feel confident that your photoshoot makeup will look bomb.

  1. Use Products You Know: I wouldn't try new products during times like a photoshoot. So, if you're interested in trying a new product to use, try it in advance! Otherwise, use what you know. You don't want to irritate your skin or use something that you are not sure how it wears after a few hours.
  2. More is Not Always The Way to Go: When getting ready for photos I know it's tempting to apply extra makeup so it shows up in pictures. While I understand this, you also want to look like yourself and avoid cakey makeup. So, don't go overboard. If there is one place I would go beyond your normal makeup routine, I would say go with fake lashes. Fake lashes always look stunning in pictures and you can easily apply a natural-looking strip lash (I did!).
  3. Use a Setting Spray: I love setting spray. I currently use Urban Decay's setting spray. It has never irritated my skin and it seriously makes sure your makeup stays put for SO long. I am also not a fan of primer, so I use my setting spray before and after foundation application, just be sure to wait a few seconds to let it dry before you put anything over it.
  4. Pick a Long-Lasting Foundation: Foundation is the key to any look (hence the name foundation :)). Be sure you're picking something that is made to be long-lasting, like our Two-Step Foundation. You want something that will help control oil production while looking natural on the skin. 
  5. Get a Flush from Blush: Make sure to add some color to your face with some blush! I used our Pandemic Pink Tint which gives the most beautiful, natural look and showed up just enough in pictures. I highly recommend a cream blush because it goes on subtly and you can always add more for a bolder pop. You don't want to look washed out, so blush is an important step!

One bonus tip that I wanted to share is to bring a fluffy makeup brush, concealer and something for your lips to your photoshoot. You can take a fluffy brush lightly over your face to help absorb any oil and freshen up your look. I like to have concealer with me in case I notice anything that needs to be touched up (like a blemish). And finally bring your lipstick, lip gloss or even chapstick with you to reapply. A lot of the time I just bring Aquaphor with me and apply that to help keep my lips hydrated.

Most importantly, have so much fun! Enjoy the snuggles with your horse and let your pictures capture your bond. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

August 08, 2023 — Chelsea DiPeppe

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